Vice Chairman Message

We believe that the beginning of the change in the institutions and companies towards the best performance is to change the performance of its employees, pay them attention and raise their level of efficiency, because without them the desired goals and expected results are not achieved.

The first challenge that our Center is facing is to strive for the development of human resources in order to reach the possibilities of keeping pace with the evolution and constant change in our contemporary world. And strive to train our human resources and develop their practical and intellectual levels, which will prevent many obstacles in the future, especially in institutions that chose the path of excellence and professionalism in its work.

In the current era, work is no longer based on previous experience only; Due to the rapid development of technology it is necessary to train the employees to cope with this evolution and develop their experiences, increase their creativity, and innovation. The strategy of training and development in Success Horizons Training Center is to achieve its mission in the participation of each employee or student in the Centers ongoing programs of professional development where they can participate in the evaluation process, analysis and verification of the business results and enhancing systems, methods and educational materials and additional enrichment programs, providing them a full opportunity in decision-making benefiting from multiple experiences both locally and internationally to achieve better achievements.

Vice Chairman of the Board: Eng. Mansour Angawi